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ItalyElope! specializes in creating unforgettable elopements in Italy. Our elope in Italy review page is where we delve into the enchanting world of eloping in Italy by sharing authentic testimonials from couples who have experienced the magic first-hand.

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Heartfelt testimonials from our cherished clients. Hear what happy couples have to say about their extraordinary elopement experience.

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From the moment we arrived, our seaside elopement in Tuscany felt like a dream. The scenic beauty of the location with its panoramic views of the sea, filled our hearts with joy and anticipation of the magical experience that lay ahead.

The photographs we have are simply breathtaking. They captured not only the beauty of Tuscany’s coastline, but also the essence of our love and the intimacy of our special day. Every time we look at them, we’re instantly transported back to those cherished moments.

Then there was the dinner – it was nothing short of amazing. The fresh seafood, local wine, and decadent desserts were a culinary delight. Each dish was carefully prepared and presented, making our dining experience one to remember. The taste still lingers on our palate, reminding us of the exquisite Tuscan cuisine.

To encapsulate this experience in words is challenging because it was so much more than we could have ever imagined. It was not just an elopement, but an unforgettable journey that we embarked on together. Every single moment was steeped in love, joy and a sense of adventure.

Honestly, calling it unbelievable would be an understatement. This seaside elopement in Tuscany was an experience that touched our souls and created memories that will remain etched in our hearts forever.

When my husband and I decided to get married in Italy, we started out by finding a photographer. We came across Jules, and thank God we did because our pictures turned out to be better than I could have ever dreamed!

Not only was he professional and timely when arranging everything, he made the entire process a breeze as well.

Jules went above and beyond to help pick the right location and capture the timeless moments we won’t ever forget.

I cannot say enough great things, you will not be disappointed!

Jules has a professional eye for photography and fine details. He was very meticulous with all of my poses and worked with my husband and I to ensure we had the best shots possible. He was great at directing my wedding party and even helped keep my train perfect.

Not only that, but he knows his way with lighting, poses and backgrounds. All of my pictures came out beautiful! He even helped with some editing afterward which wasn’t even included in our pricing. Jules goes above and beyond to see his clients are happy. I’m so happy he was part of my dream wedding in Italy!

Amazing photography experience with Jules.

We originally scheduled Jules for our wedding day photographs, but due to Covid, our wedding was postponed indefinitely. Jules, however, was “creative” & suggested us to change this to pre-wedding photos instead due to the unforeseen Covid travel restrictions.

Jules was responsive from beginning till the end, he scheduled calls with us prior to the shoot to get to know us and helped us plan itinerary as he is familiar with Tuscany’s roads and whereabouts. Lively and engaging during the shoot, we felt comfortable and at ease. Swift response post-shoot, even months after our work together, Jules would keep in touch and helped us on some photo editing.

Thank you, Jules, for making this experience smooth for us, high quality photos for a lifetime.

Jules was everything we wanted in a photographer for our elopement in Tuscany. From the initial Zoom meeting to the way he handled the vendors when we experienced rain leading up to our ceremony was nothing short of professional and first class. (It doesn’t hurt that he’s also a fun person to be around…super laid back and great at his profession).

The purpose of the elopement was to eliminate the stress of a large wedding. In addition to meeting up the day before and reviewing our photo locations, he spent nearly the full day with us on our special day, and provided more than 1,000 shots for us.

We decided not to have a first look before the ceremony, and Jules knew just where to go to take advantage of the perfect light before sunset. It’s amazing how many photos we were able to capture in such a short amount of time after the ceremony. We are so thankful for Jules, and providing us pictures that we will have for a lifetime!!

We had an exquisite Italian Elopement with Italy Elope! You can trust that your elopement will be nothing short of perfect. Their team is reliable, efficient, and always ready to assist.

Jules Bower’s photography beautifully encapsulates the enchanting Italian scenery and the intimate moments of the ceremony. The consistent exceptional service provided by Italy Elope makes them an ideal choice for any couple planning to elope in Italy.

If you are considering eloping in Italy we highly recommend you contact Jules.

For those who are thinking about having a destination wedding or elopement in Italy – please chose Jules Bower as your professional wedding photographer! Our big home wedding was cancelled due to Covid-19 and not wanting to plan everything all over again – my husband and I had decided to elope in Italy instead.

I first reached out to Jules via email, and he responded right away. I told him what my vision was, and he was quick to help us out with providing us with different options in venues and vendors. Everything went so smoothly in planning for our big day! On our big day – Jules is someone who knows what he wants, and he will 150% make sure you are getting the best!

We were literally chasing the sun making sure we got all the shots possible! My husband & I are very camera shy and when I got my pictures – I couldn’t be more happy with how everything turned out – our candid shots were our favorite. He was able to capture our relationship to the dot! We were also surprised with how fast we got our pictures back 🙂 Just in time for the holidays!

If you guys are on the fence of eloping or doing a destination wedding in Italy – let me help you – just DO IT! You won’t regret working with Jules!

From the moment I reached out to Italy Elope, I was met with warmth and professionalism. The team was incredibly friendly and made the whole process of arranging an elopement in Italy a breeze.

Their selection of breathtaking venues and top-notch services were impressive.

Jules Bower’s photography captured our special day perfectly, creating memories we’ll cherish forever. Italy Elope is a must-recommend for anyone thinking about eloping in Italy.

Jules Bower is the quintessential wedding photographer! He put us at immediate ease with his hawkish attention to detail and depth of knowledge and experience. He is a perfectionist (like me) so nothing less will do.

As a professional in the creative industries, I worried that I might have to direct or make suggestions. Not so with Jules! He has laser focus and a superb eye, finding the best light, the perfect locations and the right moments. We were able to completely relax and enjoy each other while he and his top-notch team took care of every last detail. The result? A collection of photos that literally made us gasp. Friends and family can’t stop gushing. I consider our wedding day photos important enough to last a lifetime, so I’m so ecstatic we put them in his talented hands. Incredibly fast turnaround time, seamless communication and customer service and professionalism.

Even though Jules is highly sought-after around the world, he made time to fly in from another country to capture our special day. And the results could not be more spectacular. Trust Jules with your photos, and let him lead… you’ll be so happy you did.

Even during a global pandemic, my wedding elopement, organized by Jules and his wife Sabrina, was more magical than I could ever have imagined. When it was safe to proceed with weddings again, Jules and Sabrina sprang into action and organized everything quickly, but the entire process was completely stress-free for me. From the accommodation recommendations, to the Catholic wedding ceremony, to the flowers, to the most magical dinner setting that evening, the entire day from start to finish was beyond our wildest dreams. Their passion for what they do was so evident, and I count myself very fortunate that my wedding was organized by them.

However, the most important element for me was my wedding photos as I wanted to ensure my family and friends who were not there could relive our day with us. Our photos exceeded all my expectations and people who have seen them are still gushing over how amazing they are. Jules is exceptionally talented and if you place your trust in him to capture your event you will not be disappointed.

I could not recommend Jules and his wife Sabrina more highly. We feel truly fortunate to have been able to secure their services for our wedding and because of them both, it was a day we will treasure forever.

If you have the chance to have Jules photograph your wedding, do it… Right now. We had our ceremony in Ravello, Italy in July 2022 (setting the stage, so that you fully understand how hot it was). It was an intimate ceremony so just myself, my groom, and some family members – I did not have bridesmaids or anyone to help with other tasks.

Jules was truly a Jack of all trades on this day – not only giving us great customer service by taking AMAZING photos, but also moving around clothes, furniture, accessories, giving us bug spray, and communicating with the hotel staff to ensure that our day (and photos!) went as smoothly as possible. Jules was professional, punctual, and thoughtful the entire day & evening that he was with us. After about 15 minutes of taking photos in the heat & humidity, it would have been easy to give up – but Jules was there to take photographs, so he hyped us up, gave us energy, and made us feel like we could really take beautiful photos even though we were hot, fatigued, and ready for cold beverages.

We took photos at hidden gem locations that only the eye of a legendary photographer like Jules could find. Fast-forward to less than 48 hours later, Jules had already selected, edited, and sent me all the photos in an easy-to-access format. Now, the best part: The photos. They were utterly stunning and perfect.

I couldn’t imagine having any more gorgeous photos from our special day that captured our feelings, the atmosphere, and the beautiful location. We were so lucky to have found Jules and had him patiently guide us through the photography process on our special day in beautiful Italy.

Jules not only photographed our wedding ceremony, but he was also a huge help in the planning of our trip and the ceremony itself. Even with drastically different time zones, we were able to communicate well through video calls and email, making the process smooth and transparent.

Jules was friendly, and beyond helpful prior to the ceremony, really putting us at ease. The photos came out great, he personally drove us around the Tuscan countryside after the ceremony to get plenty of pictures with a variety of backgrounds. I would most definitely recommend Jules to anyone, we had a great experience both before/during/after our ceremony.

Italy Elope transformed our dream of an intimate Tuscan wedding into reality. Their service was impeccable, and they took care of everything from paperwork to flowers. All we had to do was show up and say “I do”. Jules Bower, our photographer, was incredible.

He has a unique ability to capture the most candid moments that reflect the authentic emotions of the day. Every time we look at our wedding photos, we relive the joy and love we felt on our special day.

My husband and I had the immense pleasure of having Jules as our wedding photographer, and we cannot express enough how thrilled we are with the exceptional work he delivered.

Jules is a true master of his craft, and his talent behind the lens is nothing short of extraordinary.

His attention to detail and commitment to capturing every precious moment was evident throughout the entire process.

Furthermore, Jules delivered our photos promptly, and the quality of his work exceeded our highest expectations. We have received countless compliments on our wedding photos, and we owe it all to Jules.

We strongly recommend Jules as your wedding photographer & planner!

Jules did an absolutely amazing job as a photographer and wedding planner at our elopement wedding at Castello Banfi in Tuscany this summer! Everything was absolutely amazing, and we could not have been more happy that we chose Jules!

Jules know and work with great celebrants, hair/make-up stylists, florists and lots of great Italian venues! He also work with his wife who is a wedding planner. They all know each other well and work perfectly as a team! It was great to be able to lean on Jules to organize all the details and get us in touch with the right people. He also answered fast on email and always remembered the things we had asked about and agreed on before.

Jules made us feel absolutely comfortable during the whole day and photoshoot with his charm and good sense of humor. He told us exactly where to stand/look and how we could look our best on the photos. He also speaks English perfectly, which makes it very easy to communicate! We’re absolutely blown away by Jules knowledge of our venue Castello Banfi. He knew exactly where to stand at exactly what time to get the absolute best photos with the light and Tuscan sunset.

Now we are blessed with over a thousand absolutely amazing photos and of course the memories of our amazing wedding day! Already the day after, Jules sent us a selection of beautiful edited photos, so we could post on social media. A little over a week later, whilst still on our honeymoon, we received the rest of the photos. First about 150 edited photos, and then all the photos. We are so thankful for Jules’s fast service on delivering the photos to us. The quality of the photos could not have been better.

Italy Elope! is beyond words. The team, led by the talented Jules Bower, was always ready to assist, making our special day seamless and stress-free. Their commitment to ensuring our elopement was perfect is truly commendable. If you’re considering an intimate wedding in Italy, look no further than Italy Elope!

We had a wonderful day in Venice and relive our wedding through the stunning photos in our home.

Jules is an absolute artist and complete professional! He did so much more than just photography for our special day and I can very comfortably say our day would not be nearly as amazing if it weren’t for him.

Jules has extensive experience in event planning and as a result brings a completely unique skill set. Since he is very used to working all over the world, he helped to make organizing and logistics less stressful as we prepared for the day. I typically am not very comfortable in front of the camera and I had no problems feeling very relaxed and natural when working with Jules.

This intangible quality is so critical to amazing photos and its clear that Jules is conscious of this. I would highly recommend Jules to anyone looking to capture their special moment.

First of all, THANK YOU, Jules, for making our special day so unique and fun, for capturing every detail and at the same time, making it so much fun for us. My husband does not like taking pictures, but Jules made it happen in a way that he actually enjoyed it and ended up loving Jules.

He was very professional and patient. Our pictures were stunning, I did not have to worry about anything because he had everything under control, and that allowed us to relax and enjoy every minute of our special day.

I would choose Jules over and over again, and I highly recommend him.

Our recent elopement in Italy managed by ItalyElope! was nothing short of a dream come true. An occasion as intimate and significant as this demands exceptional finesse and attention to detail, and ItalyElope! delivered beyond our expectations.

The organization was flawless, making the entire process straightforward and enjoyable. Every single element was curated with thoughtfulness and precision. From choosing the ideal location to arranging the most delicate flowers, to coordinating the hair and makeup, all was impeccably done. The romantic dinner setup and the music that echoed our love story added an extra layer of perfection to our special day.

A special mention goes to our photographer, Jules Bower, whose work left us absolutely spellbound. His talent and vision are truly unparalleled. The photos he captured are more than just snapshots; they are precious memories we will treasure forever. We were genuinely awestruck by his work and every single one of our friends who’ve seen the photos agree.

The ease and stress-free atmosphere he maintained throughout made us feel comfortable and relaxed, enabling him to bring out the best of us in the photos. We are sincerely grateful to Jules for his exceptional work and for making this crucial aspect of our day so effortless.

In conclusion, a heartfelt thank you to the entire team at ItalyElope and especially to Jules Bower. Our Italian elopement was a day of enchantment, and we owe it to their exemplary services. We wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone dreaming of a romantic Italian wedding. They will make your dream a reality, just as they did ours.

Finding Jules might have been the best thing that ever happened to us. My fiancé and I wanted to get married in Italy, and we decided to go for it about 8 days in advance. We found Jules website and were blown away by the quality of his photographs, and we instantly knew he was who we wanted to work with to capture all the special moments on our wedding day.

Jules and I emailed back and forth a few times, and he was always quick to respond, and was helpful and honest about everything I needed to know when planning a wedding in a place I had never been to before. He understood that I was putting a lot of faith in him to guide me through the planning process, and he took that responsibility seriously. I liked him right away because I could feel how important it was to him, that we have the best day of our lives.

He really wanted that for us. Jules has amazing contacts all over Italy, so after a few days of getting the basics in place things came together very easily. All the way through the planning process I felt cared for and important. This was not just another wedding in a busy schedule for him, but it was an opportunity to help us live out our dream.

I am not someone who loves posing for pictures, and I am not overly comfortable being photographed, but Jules made it a really fun experience for me. He was funny, and relaxed, and in control of the situation but always in a way that made me smile and feel like I was able to enjoy the attention. I felt like a celebrity for the day. I can only speak for myself as the groom, but Jules took the part of the day I was least looking forward to, and made it a fun and memorable experience that I now cherish.

Earlier this week we got out pictures back, and once again we were blown away! After the wedding ceremony we were in a race against time to get as many good shots in good locations as we could before the sun went down. It was so much fun running around and getting in place, and having a special moment just in time to turn and run around somewhere else to do it again.

Again, Jules with his incredible eye for lighting was in control and put us in beautiful spots, and in our pictures I/we are laughing in half of them because it was so comfortable and so much fun. Almost every night this week wife and I have spent hours looking through all of Jules’s work, and the more I look at them, the more I appreciate him. He is a special photographer, in a special country, and he captured our love and our day with such an amazing eye, I can’t thank him enough.

We enjoyed this experience enough where we are already planning on going back to Italy in a few months and plan to call Jules just to hang out socially! We signed up for a wedding photographer and accidentally made a friend. I recommend him with 100% of me and wish my experience on everyone who reads this.

Thank you for everything Jules! Without you, none of this could have happened. See you again soon my friend!

Jules is absolutely amazing. He’s so talented. Our photos look like they belong to a magazine.

He made us feel so comfortable and helped us with poses. He also has the best sense of humor, it’s amazing to work with someone with a great attitude.

I would definitely hire him again and highly recommend him for your big day.

We had an absolutely amazing time with Jules as our wedding photographer! Jules went above and beyond to provide us with exceptional customer service, making us feel valued and heard every step of the way. From start to finish, Jules made the planning process a breeze by taking care of all the details. We were blown away by Jules’ talent, professionalism, and ability to capture timeless memories that we’ll treasure forever.

The photos taken by Jules were absolutely phenomenal! They perfectly captured the blend of creativity and elegance that we were hoping for. Every precious moment was beautifully preserved, and the shots felt so natural and heartfelt. Jules made us feel at ease throughout the entire shoot, and the result was a collection of photographs that exceeded our expectations.

We can’t recommend Jules enough for his outstanding work and the unforgettable experience he provided us. Thank you, Jules!

Working with Jules has been amazing. Having to plan a wedding entirely from across the world could have been stressful but Jules definitely made the process so much easier and stress free. He took the time to get to know us, what we envisioned and then made awesome recommendations for location, set up, flowers, stylist and etc. He was available every step of the way and quick to respond. He ensured all the details were addressed without asking.

On the day of the wedding, he was not only our photographer, but coordinator, witness, and friend. We entrusted him with the process and not only did he deliver amazing pictures displaying his talents at lighting speed, he made our day super special just being present and guiding us.

Absolutely would recommend Jules to our friends and family. Awaiting to hire Jules for our anniversary.

We chose to elope in Venice. The planning process was a breeze with Brilliant Wedding Venice (a trusted collaborator of Italy Elope!). They took care of every detail. They truly took the stress out of planning an overseas elopement, making it a smooth and enjoyable process. With their team, we felt truly taken care of, allowing us to focus on each other and our love rather than logistical challenges.

The day itself was a fairy tale. Our ceremony was held in a secluded, romantic spot in Venice that was a dream come true – the kind of place you only see in films. The team at Brilliant Wedding Venice had managed to find the perfect location that encapsulated all that we love about this magical city.

And then there was the photography by Jules Bower. The way Jules captured our day was pure artistry. His photographs are not just images, but stories – encapsulating the joy, love, and beauty of our elopement in a way words cannot describe. Each photo takes us back to those precious moments, allowing us to relive our special day over and over again.

His professional yet friendly attitude put us at ease throughout the day. He knew Venice like the back of his hand and chose stunning backdrops for our photographs that showcased the city’s beauty and charm while highlighting our love story.

FAQ's about eloping in Italy

Here are some questions we often hear and of course we are sure you have many more! Reach out to us and we’d be happy to discuss and give you more information about our Italian elopements.

Contact us
  • How do we select the perfect venue for our elopement?

    ItalyElope! offers a wide range of venue options tailored to your preferences. From historic villas to romantic gardens or scenic coastal settings, their team will help you find the ideal location that suits your vision.

  • Can we have a reception following our elopement ceremony?

    Absolutely! ItalyElope! can assist in arranging a reception after your ceremony. Whether it’s an intimate dinner for two or a small gathering with close family and friends, they will help create a memorable celebration.

  • Do you assist with legal requirements for getting married in Italy?

    Yes, we have a paralegal who is an expert in the procedures for a civil wedding in Italy. Step by step assistance will make the process easy to understand and complete.

  • What are some popular locations for elopements in Italy?

    Italy offers an array of stunning locations for elopements. Some popular choices include Rome, Florence, Venice, Lake Como, and Tuscany. Each destination has its unique charm and beauty.

  • Can we customize our elopement package?

    Absolutely! ItalyElope! offers customizable packages to suit your preferences. Whether you want a specific ceremony location, additional services, or unique requests, they will work closely with you to create a personalized experience.

  • How far in advance should we book our elopement?

    It’s recommended to book your elopement at least 6-12 months in advance to secure your preferred date and venue. However, ItalyElope! can also accommodate last-minute arrangements if availability permits.

  • Do we need to speak Italian to get married in Italy?

    No, you don’t need to speak Italian. ItalyElope! has experienced wedding planners who are fluent in English and will assist you every step of the way.

  • Can we have guests at our elopement in Italy?

    Absolutely! While elopements are typically intimate weddings for two, ItalyElope! can accommodate guests if desired. They will ensure that your elopement is tailored to your preferences.

  • What is the process for getting legally married in Italy?

    The process for getting legally married in Italy involves completing necessary paperwork, providing required documents (such as birth certificates, passports, and divorce/death certificates if applicable), making a declaration at the local town hall (comune), and having two witnesses present during the ceremony.

  • How can we incorporate Italian traditions into our symbolic ceremony?

    You can incorporate Italian traditions into your symbolic ceremony by including elements such as a wine or olive oil ceremony, a unity candle lighting ceremony, a traditional Italian wedding toast (brindisi), or incorporating Italian music and dance into your celebration.

  • What are some unique locations for an elopement in Italy?

    Some unique locations for an elopement in Italy include the romantic city of Venice with its gondolas and canals, the charming coastal towns of Cinque Terre, the beautiful Amalfi Coast with its stunning cliffs and azure waters, the historical city of Rome with its iconic landmarks, and the picturesque countryside of Tuscany with its vineyards and rolling hills.

  • How do I choose the right Italy elopement planner for my destination wedding?

    To choose the right elopement planner, consider factors such as their experience, expertise in weddings with international clients, reviews/testimonials from past clients, their communication and organizational skills, and their ability to understand and fulfill your specific vision and requirements.

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