Rome Elopement Packages

Are you looking for an all-inclusive Rome elopement package? You will love this convenient wedding package for the eternal city of Rome. Of course, as with all elopement packages, you can customise it to your tastes and budget and create your perfect wedding in Rome.

Why Elope in Rome Italy?

Everyone knows Rome as Italy’s capital city, the famous monuments and ruins, museums and art galleries attract tourists all year round. However, these are not the only reasons to elope in Rome, Italy.

Rome is also the home to the Vatican and many stunning churches that appeal to religious people and lovers of architecture. You must also experience having a coffee or prosecco at a bar in one of the famous squares as you soak in the atmosphere and magnificence of this ancient city.

Rome has a unique climate that is often milder than many other surrounding areas. This is likely due to its proximity to the sea. You will often find that the temperatures are warmer in Rome in spring and autumn than in many other Italy regions.

Getting to Rome is easy as you can fly into Fiumicino airport on the outskirts and then travel into the city centre. If you decide to visit other areas, then you can catch a high-speed train and start exploring.

rome elopement packages
rome elopement packages

How much does a Rome Elopement Package cost?

Rome elopement packages cost on average 5000 – 7500 euros. This package includes a symbolic ceremony, photographer, flowers, stylist, private car and driver, and a wedding planner’s full assistance.

The wedding planner will also help you select your hotel and arrange a romantic dinner for two, the perfect end to your Italian wedding.

Rome Elopement Planner

A top Rome elopement planner will coordinate your wedding and all the necessary services. Their local knowledge will help you make the most of your big day. Your elopement planner will explain to you the different types of wedding ceremony and their associated costs.

Once you decide the best solution for your needs, your planner will make all the bookings and help with any paperwork requirements. Getting married in Italy can seem hard to achieve, but your local expert will prove that it really is easy!

You can ask your Rome elopement planner all the questions you want and rely on their experience and recommendations. This will make the whole process of eloping to Rome Italy a breeze!

rome elopement packages
rome elopement packages

Rome Elopement Photographer

An essential ingredient for your Rome elopement package is the wedding photographer. Having an experienced elopement photographer is a must in a city like Rome. Your wedding photography will be about capturing the atmosphere of Rome without compromising the intimacy of a romantic destination wedding for two.

Rome can be very busy, and the tourists tend to gather in the same places, your wedding photographer will talk you through the options to get the best photos without the tourists. Also, these are not the only stunning locations for photos! Your wedding photos will reflect the atmosphere of Rome as well as capturing some of the sites.

Rome Elopement Packages

Our convenient Rome elopement package is not intended to be a one case fits all solution but rather a starting point from which you can build your own perfect elopement in Rome.

Work with an elopement planner to make your wedding as memorable as possible!

Start Planning Your Rome Elopement now!

Get in touch and start planning your special day. We can’t wait to hear your ideas, share our advice and help you elope in Rome Italy!
rome elopement packages
  • Wedding Planner
  • Photographer
  • Symbolic Wedding Ceremony
  • Hair & Make-Up
  • Flowers
  • Private Car & Driver

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