Venice Italy elopement package

This Venice Italy elopement package offers everything you need for a thrilling, romantic wedding in one of the most fascinating and romantic European cities.

Venice is unique; there really is nowhere else quite like it. The famous floating or sinking city offers so much history, art, architecture, culture and individuality. It really is hard to describe the atmosphere and feelings that Venice creates within its waterways and leaning buildings.

Your Venice Italy elopement package offers essential services for an exclusive wedding in a one of a kind location. Venice is definitely another of the best places to elope in Italy.

Why Elope in Venice Italy?

You are probably wondering why you would want to elope in Venice, Italy. First off, there is something magical about Venice. The city always fascinates no matter what the weather.

If you consider an off-season elopement then Venice is an excellent choice as the backdrops of canals, impressive buildings and bridges are always stunning backdrops for your wedding.

If you love the Venice lifestyle of drifting along in a gondola, taking a water taxi, or sitting in a piazza enjoying a coffee or better yet a prosecco, then a Venice elopement is ideal for you.

The hotels are of the highest standard and will pamper you during your stay. Many have private terraces where you can share a romantic candlelit dinner sitting beside one of the narrow canals.

venice italy elopement package
venice italy elopement package

How much does it cost to Elope in Venice Italy?

A Venice elopement package including the planning, wedding ceremony, gondola ride, water taxi, photographer, hair and makeup and flowers costs 6,000 – 9,000 euros.

If you are travelling from Europe, you can fly into one of two local airports, and there are plenty of low-cost flights to both of these destinations. For international travellers, you can either fly straight into Venice or if you are arriving from Milan or Rome, you can take a high-speed train from either and arrive directly into Venice’s heart.

From either the train station or Marco Polo airport you can travel via water taxi directly to your hotel.

Venice Italy elopement planner

Planning your wedding in Venice will be an enjoyable experience as a top Venice elopement planner will assist you step-by-step. They will explain to you the options for where to stay and where to have the wedding ceremony as well as give you plenty of ideas on where to go and what to do during your stay.

Your wedding planner is based in Venice, Italy, and this means that they have invaluable local knowledge that will make your elopement even more precious. Our local Venice elopement planner will share with you the tips and tricks to make your wedding day even more special.

venice italy elopement package
venice italy elopement package

Elopement Photographer Venice

A top destination wedding photographer based in Italy will photograph your Venice elopement. Their wedding photography will cover the entire day from the location, getting ready, wedding ceremony and then a Venice tour to visit some of the best spots.

You will have the opportunity to talk to your photographer and discuss the photography with them as we know how important the photos are. As well as discussing the timings you will also be able to select which areas you want to visit for your photos.

Your Venice elopement photographer is a skilled professional able to make you relax in front of the camera as they effortlessly capture stunning photos of your love story.

Venice Italy Elopement Packages

This convenient elopement package includes a symbolic wedding ceremony; however, if you require a civil wedding ceremony or a church wedding, then your planner will walk you through the options and their costs.

Our Venice elopement package is a starting point that you can build on to create your perfect wedding.

Start Planning Your Venice Elopement

Contact us and start planning your Italian wedding now. A planner will answer your questions and guide you on the exciting journey that is eloping to Venice, Italy.
venice Italy elopement package
  • Wedding Planner
  • Photographer
  • Symbolic Wedding Ceremony
  • Hair & Make-Up
  • Flowers
  • Gondola
  • Water Taxi

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